In the Studio

Several years ago, I was searching for a way to bring a certain level of texture and depth into my work.  I began to experiment with Encaustic paint in the studio and was immediately intrigued by the versatile nature of beeswax.  Working with the wax in a molten state allowed me to take advantage of its textural and sculptural qualities as it solidified.  Encaustic quickly became my medium of choice.  I spent a considerable amount of time working through various techniques trying any and all applications I could think of or read about.  I felt a creative door open and ideas I  had been sitting on for years came rushing out.  I continue to be challenged in this medium everyday, finding new techniques and incorporating Encaustic with other materials.


Encaustic:  beeswax, pigment, resin

Mixed Media:  anything I can get my hands on

Cold Wax:  beeswax, oil, pigment, mineral spirits